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We know you have the best developers in the world, but an extra pair of eyes won't hurt.
Schedule an inspection today to automatically discover vulnerabilities and other misconfigurations!

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To get started with Inspect, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select which website, or webapp, should be inspected.
  2. Get notified of the result when the inspection is finished. At this point you can easily create a sharable link to forward the results to your development team.
  3. When all fixes have been applied, mark each alert as fixed by clicking the alert and pressing the "Fixed" button.

Helps keep your site secure

Point Inspect to your website and schedule regular inspections to keep your site secure. Every time a new version of your site is released, there's a chance that a new bug or vulnerability is introduced. Using Inspect, you'll be notified of any new issues that arise. When your developers are done fixing your issues, you can schedule a new inspection to verify that everything has been fixed!

Lightweight and friendly

To minimize the impact on your site, Inspect samples pages intelligently. This means that your site will continue to operate seamlessly while Inspect does its job. We're focused on helping you keep your site secure, so all findings come with a helpful guide on how to fix the problem.

More than security vulnerabilities

In addition to detecting vulnerabilities from, for example, the OWASP Top 10 security awareness document, Inspect discovers misconfigurations. A misconfiguration can for example be information leakage, or a neccesary security measurement that has been neglected. Using the broad detection ability of Inspect, you'll get a complete insight into what can be improved on your webpage.

Get started with Inspect!

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