Digifort Detect

Detect is a lightweight module which inspects HTTP traffic to detect attack attempts, security vulnerabilities and application errors.

Three products in one tool


Attack detection

Detect discovers attack attempts against web applications and gives detailed information about when it happened, the identity of the attacker and the scope of the attack.


Vulnerability detection

Detect continuously analyzes your webpage and detects security vulnerabilities which an attacker could use to gain access to confidential information.


Application error reporting

All applications have errors. Detect makes your work easier by collecting your application errors and presenting them in a clear way.

The best way to automatically detect security vulnerabilities in your web application


Attackers are continuously targeting websites using automated scanning tools. In Detect we have implemented functionality which takes this to the next level. Using active vulnerability detection, Inspect scans your websites in regular intervals to find the kind of vulnerabilities an external attacker would find. By passively analyzing the traffic from and to your website, Detect finds vulnerabilities that the attacker's tools would have a hard time finding. This combination of active and passive vulnerability detection is the best way to find security vulnerabilities in your web application.

Easily customize the module to better detect anomalies

Detect comes with an API to report application-specific events – for example logins, account registrations and application errors. Using this information these anomalies can be detected:

  • Multiple account registrations
  • Brute force login attempts
  • Several password reset attempts during a short timespan
if login_success(user, pw)
  # Successful login
  # Failed login

Intuitive user interface

Our interface gives you a clear and detailed view of the information that Detect has collected. You'll get information about:

  • Attack attempts
  • Attacker identity
  • When an attack occured
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Who has performed most attacks
  • Suspicious behavior
  • Application errors
  • Anonymized and blacklisted visitors

Improve your level of security


Detect is the best way to get detailed information about ongoing attack attempts


Triggerfish dashboard


Instantly see suspicious behavior on your web application and see if you're under attack


Application errors


With active and passive vulnerability discovery your vulnerabilities are listed together with their severities


Custom alarms

Better security without increased workload

You won't need to continuously monitor the results. Detect will automatically notify you when something happens. For example, Detect will notify you about when someone is attempting to do a severe attack attempt, when a vulnerability is detected, and when an unusual amount of application errors are detected.

Supported platforms

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