Truesec acquires Digifort - secures a leading platform for next generation web-security automation


As a step to secure its position as the future leader in Cyber security services, TrueSec acquires the renowned digital security firm Digifort. Digifort has developed a unique automation platform for web vulnerability and threat detection. As a first result of this acquisition, TrueSec’s customers will gain access to a new security service - TrueSec Inspect, a state-of-the-art vulnerability detection and threat exposure discovery automation platform for internet facing web assets.

“The combination of TrueSec's expertise in vulnerability research and Digifort’s advanced automated scanning technologies gives us a unique position to maintain our position as market leader in the new world of managed security services”, states Peter Galli, CEO TrueSec.

Truesec Inspect has the capability to continuously detect and manage any vulnerabilities within OWASP Top 10, Sans Top 25 and other unknown vulnerabilities. Besides vulnerability detection the service also detects common usability, performance and robustness issues.

Next generation security automation meets leading cyber security experts

Using a hybrid approach, leading Truesec vulnerability researchers and penetration testers provides continuous trimming improvement to the platforms machine-learning and deep intelligence capabilities. By integrating the experience and knowledge from a continuously increasing number of more than a 1000 advanced penetration tests and red-team assignments, the service can detect and manage any current and future vulnerabilities and threats.

“Truesec are the leading experts of penetration testing, vulnerability research and threats intelligence, Digifort has a unique platform for vulnerability automation and management, by combining these capabilities into one managed service offering we can provide our customer with the most excellent detection capability to date. The capability to continuously manage vulnerabilities and threats is a great improvement since we can now provide our customers with results 24/7, 365 days a year instead of one-shot static results without losing quality” Marcus Murray, VP Cyber Programs, TrueSec.

Security specialist Markus Millbourn leads the project

Former Digifort CEO Markus Millbourn brings his expertise to the implementation, management, and ongoing development of the service. Markus has more than 15 years of experience with application security and a deep knowledge of how to manage the development of different services and tools for the IT security industry.

As customer web applications are major targets for hacker attacks and intrusion attempts today, companies must stay updated on the latest security trends and attack techniques. Given the rapid development pace, many companies have difficulties following up on all updates and news. Security services like TrueSec Inspect are invaluable and of great help. My driving force is to assist customers in regard to security issues and services so that they can focus on their service activities instead.”, Markus Millbourn.

If you want to get in touch with Markus or learn more about TrueSec Inspect, send him an email or give him a call at +46 8 10 00 10.

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